how we help

Education is key to rising mobility. As a disadvantaged urban ‘sprawl’, kole’ schools are amongst the most under-resourced. Public schools in the area are very overcrowded and classes are typically twice the size of those considered acceptable in the Developed World.
Child Welfare
Accomplishing child welfare is the key towards having community. Intellectual Forum works to ensure that needy children find permanent resources to their needs. When you Sponsor A Child program, you allows for more personalized assistance to a child for a duration of time.
Having good health is a basic human right. At Intellectual Forum, we believe that families lead to healthy community. Moving forward with this belief, Intellectual Forum is looking toward securing health needs for its beneficiaries.
Youth Flexibility
In kole, ,the young demographic (between 14-34 years of age ) constitutes 44% of the entire population, and 56% out of this total youth population are within the employment age.