management practice

MR. GEORGE OBUAChief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kole Intellectual Forum is broadly known as, an Economist as well as a Social Worker; with vast knowledge of marketing ideas (concepts) and conflict resolution ideals; the ideas that he has practiced for more than 30 years in various capacities. Despite all those, at present, the chief executive officer’s ideas are being guided by social science laboratory ideal concept: that are hidden in an action research, modern telecommunication system and Entrepreneurship skills; a notion that led him to identify education sector in Kole District as, the most affected sector by effects of civil wars that took place within the country (Uganda) and northern region in particular, from around 1971 to about 2008 and the government policy that called for privatization of education (Mutebi, 2008; Kasozi, 1994; Kasfir, 1976; Galal A, 1994).

The most affected system of education in Uganda; according to the research conducted by Kole Intellectual Forum, in 2016, in Kole District, Northern region; in public schools; presents that: because of the civil war the country had endangled in for decades, the community were disintegrated from their public schools; and after the war, when time for resettlement came, education system within the country was again put into privatization; leaving only the poor and common men to send their children to public schools. Hence, given that: community were first disintegrated from their public schools by war for decades (close to 3 decades); coupled by the government policy to privatize education system in Uganda; the middlemen, elite and the well to do groups, moved their children to private schools; leaving public schools in hands of the few, especially, the common men and few government officials, that, has made it very difficult for the public schools to perform in Uganda since then.

          With help of this action research, coordinated with modern telecommunication system, and entrepreneurship skills; Kole Intellectual Forum, with vast inputs from its Chief Executive Officer, together with other professional officers engaged or recruited by the organization; the system was able to develop a program that attempts to improve quality education in public schools to integrate community to public schools and public schools to the communities; and this has been championed by: advocating for patronization of education, promoting girl child education; promoting cultural values, promoting feasible and researchable livelihood projects; promoting tourism, promoting research and promoting interreligious values.


  • Action research coordinated with modern telecommunication
  • Patronization of education
  • Community integration
  • Girl child education
  • Cultural values
  • Livelihood projects
  • Tourism
  • Interreligious values
  • Extra Curriculum Activities
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