potential partners

Interested in becoming an Intellectual Forum partner? Throughout the past years of working with community leaders around the world, Intellectual Forum has seen the makeover potential of grassroots organizations joining the power of their own communities to drive the change they need. At Intellectual Forum, we partner each school-based student stage with an exemplary grassroots organization in a long-term partnership to advance local solutions to education.
What category of organizations do we partner with?
Intellectual Forum partners with grassroots organizations. A grassroots organization is an organization led by grassroots leaders, who are people from the very community the organization serves or who has long-term ties to that community. They know, closely, their beneficiaries’ needs because they share their beneficiaries’ lived experiences.
Intellectual Forum’s partner organizations assign local grassroots leaders as primary contacts for their education stages. This way, the grassroots leaders can share first-hand knowledge about their communities and act as mentors Intellectual Forum students.
What brands a partner organization standard?
In the past years of working with many gifted grassroots leaders of partner organizations, Intellectual Forum has recognized some features that make a partner organization exemplary:
  1. Target foundation: An exemplary organization does not implement stand-alone projects or provide Band-Aid solutions. Relatively, exemplary organizations understand how every project fits together to form a larger change strategy. They target the root causes that are driving poverty and sickness in their community and work to challenge the regional, national and/or global systems that create and spread unfairness.
  2. Magnify community voices: An exemplary organization not only knows the community’s needs but also engages the community in every stage of their programs. Exemplary organizations give community members positions of power in the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects.
  3. Emphasis on mission: An exemplary organization focuses on their mission and knows when to turn down support that detracts them from their mission.
  4. Dedicated to learning: An exemplary organization uses a demanding appraisal strategy to test expectations, trial project models, and develop strategies tailored to their goals and community.