(L) Teachers who used not to have Lunch at school, now are getting it, (M) Pupils who were not eating at school are now for the first time getting their lunch, and on the (R) are some of the Desk, chairs and table donated by KIFA to staff teachers and pupils. 


Out of 100% of the school age going children in the rural communities of Northern Uganda does not have lunch in their school, and less than 50% are eating at schools. Out of the 100% of children enrolled in school only 50% are able to complete the primary education. The dropout rate is high  due to different challenges such as poverty from their parents that prevent them to support their meals at school, long distances from school, sexual abuse, forced early marriages, cultural beliefs where boys are favored. Children have also reported that they still face violence in schools and their communities.

To ensure enrollment, better performance, retention and completion of primary school, GLOBALKIFA works with schools, Pupils and communities to discuss better methods that support pupils to have lunch at schools, accommodate some semi and full candidates at schools so that they can have enough time to read and study well, and as well prevent violence against children. GLOBALKIFA is promoting local activism (through drama shows and films in communities), good school program through Pupils to parents to Teachers dialogue, and school feeding program in both schools and communities. where parents are brought together with teachers and pupils to discuss way forward  to make affordable study life for pupips.

GLOBALKIFA  works in 60 primary schools in kole district to strengthen capacity of protagonists’ teachers, school administrators, School management committees, children committees and support children’s court committees. This is to create a supportive environment, promote positive discipline and have a safe and friendly learning environment for children.