“Community Intellectual Forum not only appreciates our passion of building empowered communities in the Northern Uganda, but they have likewise reinforced our efforts in building safe, clean and well-functioning physical environments to exploit the encouragement of our beneficiary children. Your maintenance ranges from keeping them warm and dry through winter by sponsoring rain boots, to helping us certify much needed books for our library. This has not only empowered our children gain sureness in their learning but has helped them appreciate that they have the power to take control of their own futures. We thank you for being part of our story!”

Mercy Bryan and the Hamerkop Team.
“We are so grateful and humbled to be connected to the Community Intellectual Forum. Collaborations and partners in funding are extremely valuable to the marginalized communities of Kole and Overcome who we have chosen to walk alongside. Community Intellectual Forum ‘s support has certainly helped us empower pre-school leaders and build a strong Leaders in the community so that the lives of every child we impact can be changed for the better. Thank you for believing in and enhancing our dream.”

-Eunice Cairo, Pastor-Pentecostal Assembly Of God.
“God did not give me a chance for my kids, but today I am glad I am the mother of plus minus 20 kids. On behalf of Home of the Abandon Children and the vulnerable community, we are saying thank you very much for your generous contribution – buying food for almost a year is a good thing. I am looking forward now because you made my dream come true.”
-Mama Helen, Home of the Abandoned Children