Background of the Organization
Although Kole Intellectual Forum was founded by the professional indigenous sons and daughters of Northern Uganda in 2014: broadly, to coordinate action research with modern telecommunication system and entrepreneurship skills at post conflict reconstruction of their region; with specific objectives to: identify rightful people of region to the different rightful programs they would always been developing; connect rightful resources to the rightful people in need; and to expose them to the global village; however, at the present, the organization, after conducting a baseline survey in all sectors at Kole district, one of the eight districts of Lango Sub-region in Uganda; and having, found out that: education sector is one of the poorly performing department within the region; especially, in failing primary Leaving Examinations; despite the fact that, a number of development partners; including, government of Uganda have done their best to promote quality education; to supplement this, the organization (Kole Intellectual Forum), among others, opted to develop a program, in the name: Northern Uganda Community Integration; that is meant to, promote quality education that is sustainable within the region; especially, at government aided primary schools where majority of children of the common men are; and the idea is currently being test piloted at Angic primary school, Bala Sub-County, Kole District.
Project Description
…because of war of Northern Uganda that took the region for almost three decades; community of the region were disintegrated from their schools; particularly, public primary schools that had been the foundation of learning within the area; and because of that, including privatization of education within the country; public schools in this area are at present in the hands of the few; especially, the common men are; leading to un coordinated ideas and poor results.
Given that: Kole Intellectual Forum, has join the rest of world in reconstructing the region from conflict; by promoting quality education that is sustainable, through action research, community Integration program and entrepreneurship skills engagement.